Things To Consider When Planning Bathroom Renovations In Prescott AZ

Do you enter your bathroom and you see something that no longer jives with you? Would you like to renew this vital space in your home? Do you want to have a better space for your guests? We all have asked ourselves these questions at some point. The important thing is that it is always a good time to remodel your bathroom and here at Southwest Custom Flooring we accompany you in your new project. Next, we will share with you the elements of your bathroom that you should consider when remodeling and give you an idea of ​​the costs so you get the best. Live your space as you always dreamed.

1. Do you want to remodel all your bathroom or only part of it?

This is an important question as a remodel is a large undertaking, identifying if you want to perform a partial or total bathroom remodeling project is key.  To do this, check the elements your bathroom currently has and consider its use, its wear, its layout , etc. It’s important to look to areas of inspiration with different  styles and designs.

2. The shower

We spend a lot of time in the shower. The environment must be  ideal to create a relaxing and rejuvenating space. The correct shower is essential if you are going to remodel your bathroom. It is important to note that the most advisable is a solid brass tap since it is synonymous with quality and resistance. Showers with a contemporary design harmonize and give more brightness to the space and is  important for your home.. Consider as part of your bathroom remodeling the possibility of replacing your bathtub as well.

3. The sink

This element is a centerpiece of your bathroom and it’s  important to consider it when remodeling. It’s one of the  first places we find ourselves at the beginning of the day, in front of the mirror, so its functionality and design are necessary. There are several areas to consider when choosing a sink, . such as  the sink comes in two forms: Vessel or under cover. You should also choose the number of faucets you would want. Whether it is a single faucet sink or two. The height of the faucets is also important. The recommendation is that the height of the faucets should go perfectly with the type of the basin. We recommend you take a look at the sets that include vanity, sink and mirror.

4. The Toilet

It is not necessary to say much to convince someone that a comfortable and stylish toilet is necessary when remodeling your bathroom. When selecting it, consider that there are many styles and finishes, whether matte or glossy, and you can also play with the color of this element. We recommend the color white, for its perfect and elegant combination with the environment. White will never cease to be a trend when it comes to bathroom remodeling.

5. Shower Tile Floors

Floors are the element that surrounds the place and transforms it into the bathroom you want to be in, where you feel comfortable and you recognize yourself There are several factors when considering the choice of the perfect shower tile floors such as water resistance, for example. Porcelain is recommended when remodeling your bathroom since its level of water absorption is great. In the decision of the correct ceramic you must take into account one thing: the tiles that are used in the floor can also be used on the wall, which expands your possibilities of style and combination.

6. The adhesives

Element with which the whole question of remodeling your bathroom will be settled and will remain over time. To guarantee excellence in the installation of our products, we created a company dedicated to the production and development of adhesives and nozzles.

7. The installer

If you are going for high quality bathroom renovations, you will require a company or installer that has experience and customer satisfaction at its record. These installers are constantly trained to provide a professional service, always taking care of the best installation of the products. The price of each of the installers will also vary in price, so choose wisely.

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