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Laminate Flooring
Prescott AZ

Laminate flooring offers almost all the advantages of wood but in a more affordable price. This is why laminated floors are getting more and more popular in Prescott AZ. With a large number of designs , the laminate floor perfectly imitates the warmth of the wood, from the most modern finishes to the most classic textures, without at first glance being able to differentiate itself.

Laminate flooring is a flexible floor designed for an appearance equal to wood or stone, but with a prolonged durability that makes it ideal for the most busy homes, or businesses on the main street. It consists of four distinctive layers, which work together to withstand the daily challenges of active families and intense traffic, so your floors will look newer for longer.

Update the image of your home or business with a lower investment and get the environment you want, without the need for major works or unnecessary inconvenience. Contact Southwest Custom Flooring to discuss your needs.

Prescott Laminate Flooring Installation

Only a well-installed laminate floor offers you true guarantees and floor that will last. So choose the right laminate flooring company in Prescott AZ that would offer quality service.

We install high quality laminated floors  with the look and feel of wood or stone, plus a surface that resists scratches, stains, marks and humidity. Our laminate floors offer the best residential guarantees in the industry, from 20 years to a lifetime and are so strong as to guarantee use in commercial spaces as well.

The fun part is: selecting a design that fits perfectly with the creative vision you have for your home. We provide a lot of elegant options. Choose from our wide variety of traditional, rustic or contemporary styles, ideal for any room in your home, including walls.
We supply each style of laminate with a high attention to detail and authenticity. The variations of colors, the distinctive vein, textures, edge treatments and gloss are selected to reflect the true beauty of the natural wood material that inspired the design.
The wood aspects vary between the traditional plain styles and exotic species with patterns until wood of worn, rustic, hand-polished and recycled texture. The stone aspects capture the solid but refined texture of the natural flagstone tiles, the cheerful variation of the colors of the Spanish stone paths or the smooth elegance of the fallen stone blocks.
The custom design aspects include the unexpected combination woods, metals and concrete worn for creating unique styles that you will not find in nature, but that naturally beautiful look.