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Planked Tile
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Anyone who claims that planked tile or vinyl planked tile floors look cheap and boring, has not paid enough attention lately. Nowadays, plank tiles have become luxurious and natural-looking alternatives to wood or laminate floors, with a lot of practical advantages.

Vinyl plank tile floors combine easy installation, warmth and durability with the characteristic look and feel of tile floors. In addition, they can withstand a lot of traffic, are comfortable to walk on and are very easy to clean. In summary, they are much more than a simple economic alternative to solid wood or tiles.

Reasons why you love planked tiles

Natural appearance

Planked tile flooring is available in several colors and designs , each with its own authentic and unique appearance: from very realistic textures to spectacular structures and fascinating color changes. See your vision come to life which planked vinyl tiles.

Easy Maintenance

Vinyl planked care is easy and simple – it is enough to clean with a damp cloth using various cleaning products.

Lower Cost

The price of planked tiles is much lower than the cost of many types of other flooring including hardwood, laminate, carpet and tiles.

Simple Installation

Thanks to our patented and internationally famous systems the installation of vinyl tile flooring is much simpler than that of a stone tile floor.

Can Use Anywhere

The vinyl tile is a versatile floor for any room, as long as the surface is flat and level. Most people prefer vinyl tiles for service areas, kitchens, halls, bathrooms and game rooms, but you can certainly install them in any room of your choice.

Planked Tile Installation Prescott AZ

Our collection of vinyl planked tiles combines the natural look and feel of wood or stone with all the practical advantages of vinyl. The range is available in a wide variety of colors and designs where in you can hoose the vinyl floor that best suits the style of your home. Contact us at Southwest Custom Flooring to discuss your plans. We have years of experience installing planked tiles in the Prescott AZ area.