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Quick and Easy Guide to the latest in flooring innovations

Prescott flooring just got way more interesting. Increasing in popularity with homeowners, this new flooring option is making its way into many Prescott homes here in Arizona. Vinyl flooring has undergone a major upgrade and it will upgrade your home quite nicely as well. 

Introducing Luxury Vinyl Tile

In this article we will explore this hot new flooring trend, share comparisons with other popular flooring options, and get the scoop from a local expert from Southwest Custom Flooring Prescott AZ.

What is Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)?

The name alone sounds like an expensive flooring option you would find only in the rich and famous, but actually it is a more cost-effective flooring option meant to handle the everyday wear and tear of your normal, crazy hectic lifestyle. From kids and dogs, to a day coming home from fishing in the summer or coming in from shoveling the driveway in the winter, to just the daily elements of desert living – LVT has deemed to be the most durable flooring choice.

LVT is a versatile product in a way that it lends itself available to many design selections, replicating the ever-popular natural hardwood flooring and stone styles. Texture is also added to the design to give a more natural element look without the expensive cost or laborious install. The variation in design is due to the printed design layer which lies beneath a clear protective layer, creating a waterproof, scratch-resistant surface.  

Water damage is extremely costly to repair. LVT is comprised of plastic, making it water resistant. Water spills, exposure to moisture, standing water, and climate changes will not disrupt its quality. This makes for stable and durable flooring ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and basements.

There are so many flooring options to compare when choosing to upgrade the flooring in your home.  Let’s compare for you –

Hardwood Flooring or Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring?

Hardwood flooring has been a popular choice for a long time. It can brighten a room or create a rustic contemporary affect with the added benefit of increasing a home’s value, which every homeowner can appreciate.

The downside to hardwood flooring is the time and money spent on the material and its maintenance. With natural hardwood flooring one can expect natural erosion and wear. Hardwood flooring is less forgiving to everyday living occurrences, such as dents that can come from dropping a heavy object, or scratches from heels and pets.

LVT has proven to be much more resilient to the everyday wears and tears of life with minimal care required.

Hardwood is on average four to five times the cost of LVT. There is also much involved in maintaining the hardwood’s original luster through proper treatment and refinishing with costly products.

LVT offers the same aesthetic appeal as hardwood flooring at a cheaper price upfront for install and long-term upkeep.

Laminate Flooring or Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring?

Both laminate and vinyl flooring options are made of layers. Laminate flooring has a laminate coating over the core material of wood powder, or wood composite. Underneath the clear protective coating of LVT, is the core layer of vinyl. The vinyl core of LVT is what makes this flooring option water-resistant. The wood composite in laminate makes it more vulnerable to water damage as it absorbs moisture, causing it to warp and buckle.  

Laminate is also known to be more rigid, providing less flexibility. LVT sustains well under stress and pressure, withholding its original quality and characteristics.

Also, with the protective overlay on LVT, there is less maintenance required for upkeep.  Laminate and hardwood floors a like require waxing and polishing to aid in its protection against damage, as well as stripping old wax before applying a new layer.

Tile Flooring or Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring?

Tile flooring comes in various types and styles—porcelain, ceramic, slate, travertine, small mosaic—and, it no doubt gives any home a high-end style and unique flare. As compared with the other types of popular flooring, time and money spent on material, install and care come into play when deciding between tile and LVT.

Keep in mind that LVT can be designed for the look and feel of any material, hardwood or any of the types of tile, as the design is a printed screen on top of the vinyl core.

Tile flooring can be considered a semi-permanent decision considering the install process involves glue, grout, and patience for a precise layout. Removing tile flooring requires somewhat of a demolition experience by breaking the tiles pieces apart, creating dust, debris and a lot of noise.

Tile flooring can be susceptible to break, crack and chip under the distress of a hard impact. To maintain appeal and value it is advised to replace damaged tiles. Grout in between the tiles also requires attention if cracked or stained, plus elbow grease to keep clean.

LVT is less expensive and, with the ever-changing styles and designs for homes, it is much easier to remove and install. Homeowners tend to appreciate the freedom to upgrade if they so desire. There is no grout to clean, repair or refresh. It does provide more peace of mind for the home’s upkeep considering the price and durability.

Consider this Prescott flooring expert’s insight

Luis Manzo, owner of Southwest Custom Flooring and an expert in tile and flooring innovations installation Prescott AZ, shares his thoughts on LVT:

“Some people want to remodel their floors but are afraid of the dust and debris that comes from the demolition of the old flooring and tile. There’s a lot of noise with the tear out. LVT is an easier, faster, cleaner to install. Say in a year or so you want to replace the flooring to match new furniture with color, it is way easier to remove than tile or hardwood flooring. It takes less than a day to tear out. To install, say, a 1000 square foot of LVT flooring would take two days max.”

Manzo easily appreciates the many qualities of LVT

“You can mop it. It’s stain resistant. It’s durable. If moving heaving furniture or drop a heavy object LVT won’t damage like tile, which could chip or crack. It also looks like real hardwood but it’s cheaper. Lately, we are seeing a lot more installations of LVT”

Manzo’s brand of mention for LVT is COREtec, a high-quality flooring manufacturer driven by a passion to deliver the best built flooring innovations.

Luis Manzo is an Arizona flooring specialist and owner of Southwest Custom Flooring.  This flooring store of Prescott AZ offers unusual flooring ideas with a wide range of services including, tile, plank tile, carpet, laminate, tile showers, hardwood and luxury vinyl tile. Southwest Custom Flooring bring the art and design to every project making every home and commercial building a custom piece of work. Licensed, bonded and insured with over 20 years of experience, Southwest Custom Flooring is the most trusted flooring store Prescott and Prescott Valley AZ can find.

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