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Residential Flooring
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One of the most fundamental parts in the construction or remodeling of homes is the selection of the floor. The right materials installed by flooring experts can transform a simple house into a real home that you deserve.

With colors and patterns, durability, functionality and the comfort of the feet in mind, Southwest Custom Flooring ensures a fresh and welcoming environment for every homeowner and family with our residential flooring in Prescott AZ.

The Right Floor For Each Part Of The House

Floors are not all the same, and different materials are better for different spaces in your home. Although you may have your favorites and use them repeatedly, if they are installed in the wrong environment they can get damaged and suffer a loss of quality prematurely. Not only will you spend more to replace the floor, but you may also have a bigger issue of mold to clean up.

Our flooring experts recommend the right type of flooring for each part of the house.

Kitchen Floors

The kitchen is the most used room in the house. For this reason you need a floor that is comfortable, of good quality and easy maintenance.

Laminate floors a popular choice because it’s affordable and can be found in many styles. Hardwood flooring is another option since it is more comfortable for long periods of time if you are standing still cooking or cleaning for a long time. Apart from this, it maintains the temperature and gives a warm style of quality to your kitchen. Ceramic tile floor is more popular in the warmer climate areas because it is a cooler material. It’s also easy to clean and lasts for many years. Just keep in mind that it can be slippery when wet.


In the bathroom humidity is the biggest problem. It’s best to choose a floor that can be easily cleaned and prevents mold. Tile flooring in the bathroom covers both these areas. Tile is durable and water resistant, making it the most popular choice for this part of the house.

Ask our expert today for design ideas and types of tile that will fit your bathroom best. Ceramic tile is more mainstream and is a more affordable option than granite or marble, though these options provide a higher level of sophistication and are trending in bathrooms.

Living Room and Receiving Area

The living room has its own personality and differs from house to house lending itself the advantage of having several options that work. In this space, it’s important to choose a material that you like that best matches the decor.

Wood is a very popular option if you are looking for an ecological and natural look. These types of floors combine with many styles give warmth to your decor. If you are a fan of minimalist and industrial styles, tile is trending and looks good in this area alsol. Another option is the carpet, which is warm, comfortable and soft.


In the bedroom comfort is most important, thus carpet tends to go well here. There are many designs, colors and textures to choose from according to your taste.

If you prefer a cooler floor, you can use almost any option on the market that will suit your taste. Bedrooms are less likely to incur moisture problems, nor do they get high traffic. So the key here is aesthetic and comfort more than functionality.

Other Spaces

And the other spaces of your home? Try to choose only two floor types throughout your home to maintain a balance.

The hallway should be of the same material as the living room and dining room, while the bathrooms and kitchen should be of the same material. As for laundry and cleaning spaces, choose the one you decided for the kitchen. Your home office can have the same floor as the other main rooms in the house. At the entryway of the home feel free to shake it up a bit with a different material.