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Contact Prescott Flooring Experts

Tile Floor Installation
Prescott AZ

Looking for professional tile floor supply and installation in Prescott AZ? Contact Southwest Custom Flooring today and get the best tile floor for your home or business.

We have years of experience needed to design and customize your space. The best brands on the market in bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, floor and wall tiles, ceramic tiles and more. The latest in design and state-of-the-art technology in ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Arizona Tile Prescott Supply

The assortment of floor tiles offers maximum freedom to inventiveness. Indeed, both the colored tiles – from the classic black, white, gray and beige to all the colors of the spectrum, with their infinite nuances – as the tiles similar to natural materials or construction, such as wood, marble, stone, metal are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the paving of the interiors of the home

In addition to these colors, we also have a wide variety of tile formats for flooring including mosaic, small tiles, medium tiles, large and very large tiles – which combine to give dynamism to a surface that is too uniform or boring and give life to various areas of an open space day area that includes a kitchen, dining room and living room.

Advantages Of Using Tile Floors in Prescott AZ

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are more durable, solid, waterproof, resistant to stains and more. Here are 3 main advantages in choosing tiles for your floor

Resistance and durability

Wood and other floor materials can deteriorate with the passage of time, which does not happen with the tiles.


It is easier to clean tiles floor than wood and other floor materials. Plus it is more hygienic and easier to maintain. In addition, floor tiles require less daily care and maintenance than delicate materials such as wood.

Water Resistant

Probably the greatest enemy of wood and other floor materials is water. If it is soaked, the parquet absorbs water and deforms, while tiles will not. Therefore, a tile floor can be placed in damp areas such as the bathroom and kitchen and in outdoor spaces and even on surfaces subject to heavy loads such as walkways or garages.